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    Almost all bookmakers offer in their lines a wide range of tennis tournaments, and the painting of each event is always happy. Bettors are invited to play in various markets, and among them are very popular forecasts for sets, which include bets on the "first set/match", odds on sets or games, totals on sets.
    Very popular among kappers are tennis matches, where matches go up to 3 wins on sets, that is, the fight can last only 5 sets. As for tennis matches, in which the winner is determined by the results of the two sets won, here handicap (-1.5) means that to win the score should be only 2-0.

    The bookies almost always give the cappers to bet in live sets. Here, bettors often try to predict the total by games of a particular set. In the course of tennis matches it is easier to put: in this case you understand more with what motivation and in what form the athlete came to the game.

    Example of a 3-set betting strategy

    Quite often in a match that takes place up to two wins on sets, the opponents failed to identify the winner in two sets – they "took" one. Thus, the third set becomes decisive. The first thing to look at when analyzing a favorite is the coefficients. If the game was equal, they will be approximately the same, but at the same time, if the class between the opponents is a big difference, then the quotes will be different.

    It is important to study the statistics: in 40% of the sets tennis players win alternately (2-1-2 or 1-2-1), but 60% it turns out that the third set is won by the athlete who lost the first, but won the second (for example, 2-1). It affects the psychological factor.


    It is more profitable to bet on the winner of the match not before the third set, but at the end of the second, if his fate is actually predetermined (for example, the score 5-2 on games in favor of the tennis player who lost the first set). Thus, the coefficient for his victory in the match may be around 2.50, while after the second set he will be in the region of 2.00.

    Secrets of betting on tennis sets

    1. You can not predict tennis matches, and especially sets or games, if you have not studied the statistics of the last matches of rivals. It is likely that some of the athletes are in bad shape, and this may affect the result of the game segment.
    2. Certainly it is in tennis statistics of personal meetings plays the greatest role. Sometimes even top-level tennis players can not cope with any tennis player who is lower in the ranking.
    It is not uncommon for a top tennis player to lose several crucial sets to an inconvenient opponent. And the thing is that the top athlete after the first such defeat triggered fear of another defeat, which ultimately prevents him from properly tune in to the rest of the match.
    3. The motivation factor should also not be discounted. The tennis season is very long, so not everyone has enough strength. It often happens that high-quality athletes come to a little-known tournament, where they do not strain much, while a known outsider will do everything to snatch a victory in the decisive set. In Grand slam tournaments everyone plays to the point of wear, but in other competitions anything can happen.
    4. Before placing a bet on the first or subsequent sets, you should study the information on what coverage this or that athlete plays better. Many tennis players are versatile, but at the same time there are enough and those who can not equally successfully perform on the ground, grass, carpet and hard. For example, tennis players who like quick draws feel better on hard and grass, but at the same time they are more vulnerable on slow ground surfaces.
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