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Recruitment of participants Football/Soccer Betting Predictor System Spreadsheet/Program/Software/Tips/Picks

Discussion in 'Programs for the analysis of sports betting' started by Admin, Apr 24, 2019.

Recruitment of participants
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    This Spreadsheet System that I have designed will give you a breakdown of how a game should unfold. It will give you the predicted amount of goals for the game and an advised bet of Over or Under 2.5 Goals. It will also calculate a Supremacy Rating (based on a team's attacking and defensive strength against their current opponent). An advised bet will also be called up by the Spreadsheet.

    Three correct score predictions will also be made (using the Poisson Distribution formula) and a chance (%) for each listed.
    As you can see, this item is aninvestmentwhich will heavily improve and aid your betting.

    Below:I have designed the 'Input Sheet' (below) so that you can easily get Excel and OddsPortal (if you use this site) on the same screen. This means you won't need to go back and forth between the website you are using (e.g. OddsPortal) and Excel. The Input Sheet allows you to enter information for up to four games at a time.

    Без названия (2).png

    Below:After you have completed the inputs for the above sheet (all YELLOW boxes), the below sheet will compute all information and make the predictions - there is no need to enter any information into this sheet. There is one sheet for each game.

    Без названия (3).png

    There is also a 'Selections Sheet' which pulls all the information from the other sheets into on place. This enables you to compare any bets you are thinking of making.

    Без названия (4).png

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