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    IT, Programming and Developer Library


    Library Overview
    The Open Colleges IT, Programming and Developer Library provides a way for you to improve their skills at your own pace and in your own time. This library contains over 3,110+ digital assets that enable you to develop a range of skills from Mobile Development through to HTML5, Java, Python, C+ and more. Assets include Video short courses, Audiobooks and eBooks which not only focus on programming languages, but also present topics such as Cloud Core, Software Testing and Secure Programming.

    A one-time payment provides you with unlimited access to the IT, Programming and Development library which will help you evolve into a more proficient developer. Please login or register to view links.

    Why Subscribe to this Library?

    • Gain niche skills and stand out by studying development skills for specific platforms such as Android Development, VMware and Windows Clients.
    • Master development by studying a wide array of languages such as Java, Python and many more.
    • Expand your understanding of Dev Ops with newer technologies such as Google Cloud.
    • Improve your conceptual understanding with channels including Software Testing, Secure Programming and more.
    • 1,980+ technical eBooks which offers excellent value for money considering 1 single hard copy book usually retails for over $75.

    Learn Your Way - Watch, Read or Listen

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