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Recruitment of participants Jim Kwik – Kwik Thinking | Think smarter and faster

Discussion in 'Personal growth, development' started by Admin, Aug 28, 2019.

Recruitment of participants
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  1. Admin

    Admin Administrator
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    Apr 19, 2019
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    Jim Kwik – Kwik Thinking | Think smarter and faster | Part 1 + Part 2

    Feeling stuck? Confused about an important decision you need to make in your life?

    Discover Kwik Thinking. This program offers the exact steps and specific directions to think smarter and faster so that you can conquer problems, make fruitful decisions, be more creative, overwrite limiting beliefs, be a more confident learner, and maximize your success!

    The human mind has an almost infinite potential for learning and thinking.

    The challenge is that no one has shown us how to tap into these vast resources. This series will provide you with an owner’s manual for your brain and give you the most powerful & effective thinking tools available to learn anything with greater speed, focus, and enjoyment.
    Kwik Thinking will enable you to:

    Enhance your reading & memory results.
    Improve your decision-making, problem-solving, and creativity.
    Discover how you learn best (so you can further magnify your reading and memory skills).
    Learn how to assess other people’s thinking styles.

    Kwik Thinking.png

    What Will You Learn?

    The program is divided into 7 weekly online sessions. Each week you will receive one online training lesson.

    For your convenience, you can attend and repeat any of the sessions as your schedule sees fit. Here are some highlights that you can look forward to covering in the course:

    Kwik Thinking Principles.
    Understanding of Brain Functions, Including Hemisphere Dominance Assessment.
    Discover Your Learning Style While Broadening Your Awareness of Multiple Learning Styles.
    Multiple Intelligence.
    Kwik Tricks On How To Overcome Challenges With Math.

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    Price: $3
  2. ThomasBarry

    ThomasBarry New Member

    Oct 31, 2020
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    Welcome to the patch Sounds like you literally put youre blood and sweat into youre caves I look forward to seeing some pics of your kins
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