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    Real estate passive income - Lifestyle Academy

    WELCOME! The Financial Freedom Seminar is two full days of information and learning to help you gain financial freedom and wealth. Use this guide to follow the seminar and to take notes.

    Lifestyle Academy - Real estate passive income1.jpg

    Here is a list of what you will be learning:
    SESSION 1: SATURDAY MORNING • You need the right map to get to where you want to go • Your current beliefs about money will be challenged • How most people see money versus how investors see money • How your personality type can make real estate difficult • Why we use real estate to build wealth • Real estate beats retirement planning
    SESSION 2: SATURDAY AFTERNOON • Types of real estate and what does and doesn’t work for investing • How to find and purchase a single-family house • How to successfully manage your property • How to lease your property
    SESSION 3: SUNDAY MORNING • How to evaluate the value of a multi-family property • The five levels of economics of scale in multi-family • Multi-family property management and lead investors • How to find and purchase a multi-family property • Multi-family feasibility
    SESSION 4: SUNDAY AFTERNOON • Multi-family business plan • Partnerships • Where you should start with your investing

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