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Rules Requirements for sellers

Discussion in 'Rules for the authors section' started by GOODMEN, May 14, 2021.

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    Requirements for sellers

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    • Any member of the forum can register as a seller.
    You must have the appropriate knowledge of programming your Expert Advisor code, indicator code, and so on.

    • We do not request any personal data
    Accordingly, there can be no leakage of personal data.

    • It is enough to have the open code of your product and make changes at the request of the participants.
    As I said, you should have some programming experience.

    • The seller takes an active part in the delivery department and helps to resolve any issues that arise.
    During the testing process, participants can present their vision of trading in order to improve some parameters.

    • The total cost of the product is divided among the participants.
    The recommended cost for one participant is from $ 10 to $ 30. The higher the cost, the longer you will wait for the start of fundraising.

    • The service commission is 30%.
    No additional comments are required.

    • You will receive the payment after 7 days.
    This is necessary so that participants can have time to test the product on the live market.

    • Withdrawal of funds is possible to any payment system from the list...
    We will provide a list and also listen to your preferences.

    • If you provided a fraudulent product, the money is returned to the buyer.
    Your account will be blocked.

    • The degree of fraud is determined by the administrator together with the purchase participants.

    • The Administration may refuse to register as a Seller without specifying the reasons.
    The administration reserves the right to make changes to the requirements for sellers with mandatory notification of innovations.
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