Rights and duties of moderators

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    1. Moderator must:
    1.1. Observe the statute of the forum.
    1.2. Contact the Administration in case of any disputable situations in the interpretation of certain points of the forum rules by the club member.
    1.3. Contact the administration to apply for blocking the account of the offender if the situation requires.
    1.4. Contact the administration to address situations beyond the limits of moderator competence.
    1.5. Be active in the activities of the forum.

    2. The moderator has the right to:
    2.1. Perform any operations with topics and messages in all forums available to him, to issue warnings to users who have violated forum rules or the Articles of Association.
    2.5. Determine the degree of punishment of the offender.
    2.6. If a participant repeatedly violates the same or several points of the rules, submit an application to the Administrator for blocking the malicious infringer's account.
    2.7. Get status Organizer
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