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    The purpose of creating a joint purchase is to give you the opportunity to try out (purchase) an infoprodukt for a partial cost for personal reference.
    We draw your attention to the fact that participation in a joint purchase carries a certain risk. For example, receiving an infoprodukt from the author that does not correspond to the description or the author, in the event of the discovery of a joint purchase, may in general not give anything to the organizer. Therefore, if you are not ready to take on this risk, then simply do not participate in a joint purchase, but buy directly from the author at full price !!!

    A joint purchase has 4 stages:

    1. RECRUITMENT OF PARTICIPANTS - It's too early to pay.

    2. FUNDRAISING - It's time to pay. Any participant can pay the cost of the main list.

    3. REDEMPTION AND DELIVERY - The purchase of the product may take from 1 to 15 days. The main time is used for unlocking (sometimes longer)

    4. BUY - The product is ready in the delivery department. If you have already paid, you can go to the delivery department and download.

    ! at the fundraising stage, any participant can pay the price of the main list


    the product is not ready to download!!!


    Recruitment of participants.
    Member can register in the main or reserve list. Writing to the list of backups is only possible if the administrator has not prohibited writing to the backup.
    The participant can go from the main list to the reserve and vice versa.
    The participant may opt out of the joint purchase at this stage.
    To write about a joint purchase, you must click "Join a joint purchase"

    In the pop-up window, we read the conditions and if you agree with them, click the button "Join the joint purchase"

    If you cannot guarantee timely payment, you need to register in the reserve list. To do this, put a tick "Join backup shopping list" and press the button "Join the joint purchase"

    Stage 2 - FUNDRAISING
    the product is not ready to download!!!


    At the end of the set of participants for joint purchase, the administrator can set a timer indicating the start date of accruals (except for urgent joint purchases, where it is necessary to purchase material very quickly). Or just goes to the fundraising stage. The administrator provides details for payment for participation in the joint purchase and transfers it to the stage - "fundraising".

    We draw your attention to the fact that it is no longer possible to leave a purchase at the stage of “Raising Funds” from the main list, so be careful, as you sign up to the main list you undertake to pay for participation in this pool, so if you are not sure about timely payment, you will be better off to the backup list !!!

    at the fundraising stage, any participant can pay the cost of the main ticket. as soon as the main list is filled in, the main price will not be available. you will have to pay more.
    The participant from the reserve list of purchase pays 30-50% more than the participant from the main list!
    Refunds are not possible at this stage. This will destroy the integrity of the entire fundraising phase.

    The deadline for payment for participation in the warehouse is regulated and determined not more than 5 calendar days from the issuance by the Administrator of the details for payment.
    At this stage, the participant can not leave a joint purchase.

    the product is not ready to download!!!


    After a set of 100% payment on a joint purchase, the Administrator makes the payment to the author and buys the material. Then in the closed correspondence lays out the material provided by the author (link or archive).

    Buying a product can take from a few minutes to several days! Since the author does not always get in touch as quickly as we would like! Please take this into account and do not ask these questions immediately after the purchase has been redirected to this stage!
    As soon as the product is available, you will receive a corresponding message.

    Please note that the Administrator is not responsible for the content provided by the author of the material. Simply put, the author gave him what he gave you. We also draw your attention to the fact that there is no refund or partial compensation. (except for the case - if the author of the spoiled product returned payment to the Administrator).

    At this stage, the participant can only register in the reserve list.
    At this stage, the participant can not leave a joint purchase.


    Stage 4 - BUY
    the product is ready to download!!!


    The participant can register only in the additional list, if the Administrator has allowed additional purchases.
    The participant can not be discharged from the joint purchase.
    If the joint purchase is completed and the prefix of the topic is Buy, then you can sign up for a joint purchase and purchase a product.

    Click to buy!


    Now you have access to your payment details. Click here.


    Select the payment system and send the payment.
    After that, send a screenshot of the payment to the payment chat.


    The administrator will check your payment and mark you.
    After that, you can download the product from the delivery Department.


    The buyer understands and agrees that the Seller may not be in good faith and send a product that has been modified or send nothing at all.
    No refund is possible.
    You bear the risk yourself.
    We only reduce the purchase price for each participant.

    If you are not prepared for these risks you should not participate in joint purchases! Just buy the product from the seller yourself. Thanks!

    Dear participants!!!
    Please pay attention to this!!!
    Main list - you can only subscribe to it if
    you are ready to pay this cost within 5 days
    after the announcement of the fundraiser! If you have subscribed to
    the main list has not been paid within 5 days after which you will
    fined twice the amount of fundraising.
    And until you pay this amount you will not be able to participate in the promotion
    other joint purchases!!!

    Reserve list: - you can subscribe to it and make a payment
    later, when you need it. There are no penalties here
    sanctions'. But you will pay 30-50% more than in the main list!

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