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Recruitment of participants Telegram MT4 Signal Trader

Discussion in 'MQL5 Market' started by GOODMEN, Aug 2, 2020 at 5:58 AM.

Recruitment of participants
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    Telegram MT4 Signal Trader

    Telegram MT4 Signal Trader EA help you TRADE automatically base on signal texts (not image) received via Telegram Channels, groups, chats

    You don't need to be the owner of the channels. If you can read the signal texts in your Telegram account, you can trade them all

    The EA needs a free awesome tool - Telegram Reader app (TRa) that help read the texts from Telegram channels through Telegram API.


    • CUSTOMIZE LOT SIZE for all and for each symbol
    • RE-WRITE THE SIGNAL TEXTS to easier detect key texts, standardize the signal structure, change symbol name (some symbol names are different in different brokers)
    • TRADE ALL COMMAND TYPES: Open Order (Buy, Sell, Buy Limit, Sell Limit, Buy Stop, Sell Stop, Re-Entry: Re-Open a Closed Order), Modify Order (change price, change stop loss, change take profit, Break-Even: move Stop loss to Entry price), Close Order (including Close Partially order)
    • ALL COMMAND TYPES FILTER: Only trade the commands you want
    • SYMBOL FILTER: Only trade the symbols you want
    • MAX PRICE DIFFERENCE FILTER: Only open order when the price difference (between the real entry price and the signal entry price) is not higher than a given value.

    1. RUNNING MODE: Choose "Analyse Signal Text" or "Scan & Trade"
    2. Texts will be replaced (OldText:NewText; ..): Replace an old text by a new text in signal
    3. Only trade Symbols (Symbol;.. you have to list all them here): Input the symbols that you want to trade
    4. Max Price Difference (Symbol:Val;..left blank to trade all): Ex: "EURUSD: 0.0001" means only trade EURUSD when the price difference between the real entry price and the signal entry price doesn't exceed over 0.0001 unit
    5. Max Price Slippage: If the slippage exceeds this range value, the EA will not trade the signals
    6. Default Lots for all Symbols aren't in the below list: Set default lots
    7. Private Lots for each Symbol (Symbol:Lot;..): Set private lots
    STEP 1: CREATE a demo channel name "ChannelA"

    STEP 2: SET UP TRa

    • Create a folder name "ChannelA" in the folder ..MQL4\Files, then copy the TRa to "Channel A" folder
    • Create a .txt file name "Channel A" (the full file name will be "Channel A.txt") in the folder ..MQL4\Files
    • Run TRa, login you account, choose a signal channel, choose the file "Channel A.txt" and press "Start" button
    • The TRa will run and copy the signal texts from the channel to the file.
    STEP 3: ANALYSE the Signal text

    • Send a signal text to ChannelA (by type or copy and paste)
    • Run EA in mode "Analyse Signal Text" (default)
    • Set parameter Signal File Name as "ChannelA.txt", then press OK
    • The analyze report alert dialog will appear
    • You can see every single word/number (in the signal text) on the right column, and their location values on the left column
    • Word location values are used to identify the position of the key texts (such as: open, close, modify... buy, sell... EURUSD, GBPUSD...)
    • Number location values are used to identify the position of the key numbers (such as: values of entry price, stop loss, take profit, partial close%...

    *The EA will collect the key texts to get enough information: for orders will be opened, modified, closed...

    STEP 4: STANDARDIZE the signal text structure (if necessary)

    • Use the “Texts will be replaced” parameter to replace some words in signal text and see the results in the analyze report.
    STEP 5: INPUT correctly parameters in the EA setting for each command style.

    STEP 6: RUN the EA in the "Scan & Trade" mode

    • If the setting is correct. The EA will work correctly
    • Check all types of commands in signal text, and modify the setting to ensure that the EA works fine in all cases
    • Remember to save the EA setting.
    STEP 7: TURN OFF and FINALLY RUN the TRa with a Real Signal Channel

    That's it. Telegram MT4 Signal Trader EA is ready to work for you.

    • If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me via messenger or comment
    • I am willing to support in setting up the EA when you buy the product.





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