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    Casino Standard Training in Dealing Blackjack

    How to deal Blackjack like a pro

    What we will cover in this course
    • The Game of Blackjack, 21, how to deal and play Blackjack Professionally
    • Splitting, Doubling and Insurance bets
    • Croupier skills, working with the cards, shuffling and dealing
    • Cutting into the chips, making change and payouts
    • Casino standards, rules and procedures
    • Blackjack equipment for practice
    • Casino Employment

    Course Recommended
    • If you have an interest in card games, playing Blackjack for fun or looking to go pro
    • Interested in casino games and casino gaming in general
    • Considering a career as a croupier in the gaming and hospitality industry
    • Would like to know more about casino operations

    I will show you how croupiers are trained to deal Blackjack, the skills and practices we learn, the security procedures we follow. With over 20 years worldwide casino experience, I have a wealth of casino experience to pass on, giving you a unique insight into casino training for dealing Blackjack, and an excellent introduction into a potentially new and exciting line of employment in the popular casino market as a Blackjack dealer.


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