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    Forex Turbotrader System - Forex Trading System for MT4

    We developed Forex Turbotrader that uses a proven, profitable trading strategy, that has all of the bugs ironed out, and that will show you consistent profitable trades on every single time frame.

    Forex Turbotrader will help you grow your account back up to where it should be and start showing you places to enter the market that you never would have entered before.

    The system will work with any currency pair, market and timeframe. So whatever you trade, Forex Turbotrader will be extremely helpful and both short and long-term profitable!

    No need to go searching for another system again. Forex Turbotrader has everything you need to start trading today and we are going to show you why.

    Turbotrader System.png


    Forex Turbotrader Trend Analyzer is the core of the system. It displays all currency pairs and symbols in real-time that will bring you the most profit.
    It shows you the name of the currency pair and the best possible trend.

      • A blue bullet for buy only trades (ignore sell trades)
      • A magenta colored bullet for sell only trades (ignore buy trades)
      • A gray colored neutral bullet finally Neutral (stay aside)
    In order to open a chart quickly, double click wih your mouse on the currency pair name and the chart will load instantly.
    You can easily add/remove currency pairs or any other symbol of your choice to the NanoTrader Bullet Trend Analyzer via the indicator’s inputs tab.
    You can combine the dashboard with your own systems or use together with our NanoTrader FX complete trading solution (see below).

    Forex Turbotrader System.png


    We developed an accurate forex bullet signals indicator that works together with the Forex Turbotrader Bullet Trend Analyzer.
    The Buy/Sell entry and Take Profit trading rules are very simple, even for absolute beginners.

    • Buy signal: both the Turbotrader dashboard BULLET and NanoTrader Signal BULLET are colored BLUE .
    • Sell signal: both the Turbotrader dashboard BULLET and NanoTrader Signal BULLET are colored MAGENTA.
    • Stay aside: the Turbotrader dashboard BULLET is colored GRAY, just don’t touch the currency pair.
    The GBP/USD M5 chart shows you how easy it is to trade with Turbotrader .

    • The Turbotrader Bullet Trend Analyzer displays a BLUE bullet
    • We look to buy the GBP/USD pair. Ignore any sell signal.
    • Simply wait for the BLUE bullet to appear on the chart and open a buy trade
    • Place your stop loss below the previous swing low (see chart)
    • Take profit when the MAGENTA bullet appears on the chart
    The USD/JPY M5 chart displays how to sell with the system.

    • The Turbotrader Trend Analyzer displays a MAGENTA bullet
    • We look to sell the USD/JPY pair. Ignore any buy signal
    • Simply wait for the MAGENTA bullet to appear on the chart and open a sell trade
    • Place your stop loss above the previous swing high (see chart)
    • Take profit when the BLUE bullet appears on the chart
    As you can see from the chart above, you would have made +57 pips on the USD/JPY M5 chart with the second sell trade still open.

    Forex Turbotrader System1.jpg Forex Turbotrader System1.jpg


    Forex Turbotrader can be used for scalping (M1, M5), day trading (M5, M15, M30) and swing trading (M30, H1, H1, D1).
    Check out the following trading charts (click on the images to view full size) and discover how easy it is to make profits with the Forex Turbotrader trading system!


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