Recruitment of participants Silicon Falcon MT4 V2.1 (no DLL) Build 1420+

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Recruitment of participants
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    Silicon Falcon MT4 V2.1 (no DLL)
    Build 1420+

    Version 2.0+ Is a completely NEW EA. Re-coded with new logic, safety features and variables for v2.0+


    Intelligent algorithms continuously adapts to the ever changing market.
    To back-test: Choose EURUSD 1 hour time-frame using current spread in every tick mode. Run test.

    This system is an exact clone of a system I developed for a hedge fund under contract in Node.js. Identical systems can be found at big banks and prop firms on Wall Street.

    Primary operation was designed for EURUSD H1 but additional settings are possible on other pairs.

    cef-silicon-falcon-screen-2895.png cef-silicon-falcon-screen-3235.png

    User Variables

    Use Money Management - If true automatic lot sizing is used.
    MM Risk Setting - Risk Setting to be used if money management is used.
    Lot Size - Fixed Lot size if money management is not used.
    Period for S/R Algo - Time Frame for entry algorithm.
    Channel Period - Length of initial price channel.
    Bars After Signal Bar - Number of bars after high/low in analyzed channel.
    Look Back Period - How far into the past to scan for scalping channels.
    Max Pending Orders - As Stated.
    Min Trade Spacing - Minimum pips between entry orders/past positions.
    Buy Order Offset - Amount above channel high to place pending entry orders.
    Sell Order Offset - Amount below channel low to place pending entry orders.
    Min Dist New Orders - Minimum distance from current bid/ask for new entry orders.
    Target Profit - Target Profit Pips.
    Stop Loss - Stop Loss Pips.
    Trailing Stop - Trailing Stop Pips.
    Trail Step - Trail Step Pips.
    Break Even Activation Pips - Price must be this far into profit for breakeven activation.
    Pips to Lock In - Pips to lock in with breakeven activation.
    Time Choice - Choose between GMT, Broker (trade server), or Local (PC/VPS) time.
    Use Trading Hours - Set true to use trading hours.
    Close Trades Outside Hours - Close open positions outside of trading hours.
    Hour to Start Trading - Hour to start trading (Use broker time).
    Hour To Stop Trading - Hour to stop trading (Use broker time).
    Friday Exit Hour - Hour to stop trading on Friday and delete pending entry orders.
    Close Trades On Friday - Close open positions after Friday close.
    Use Rollover Protection - Set true to activate rollover protection. Actiona will be taken 5 minutes before broker rollover time and last until 5 minutes after rollover time to protect account. EA will delete order in danger of being filled with huge spread during rollover and also widen stop loss of any open positions to avoid rollover stop hunting.
    Rollover Hour - Hour of rollover. If using GMT hours and your broker is GMT + 2 this will be 22. If using Broker hours it will be 0.
    Rollover Order Distance - If entry orders are within this distance. Rollover protection will delete them rather than risk having them filled with a huge spread.
    Rollover Widen SL Pips - Amount to widen stop loss of open positions during rollover. Normal size SL will be replaced immediately following rollover time.
    Sunday - Friday - Trade or skip - T/F (True or False).
    Trade NFP Friday - T/F.
    Trade Thursday Before NFP - T/F.
    Trade Christmas Break - T/F.
    Day To Begin Break - 15 (15th of December as example).
    Trade New Year Holiday - T/F.
    Day To Return After Break - 3 (3rd of January as example).
    Transparent Display - Set true to see through on chart display.
    Trade Comment - Comment to be sent with trades.
    Max Spread - Maximum spread allowed for entry orders and before orders are deleted for safety.
    Distance To Cancel - When max spread is exceeded EA will delete all orders within this distance in pips.
    Max 1 Min Spike Size - Set Pips for Max Spike Size Allowed on 1 Min Time-Frame. If spike exceeds this size entry orders will be deleted for safety.
    Time Out - Amount of time for timeout after big spike or big spread.
    FIFO Friendly - Enable for FIFO Brokers.
    Magic Number - Use a unique number for each strategy on any addition instance of Apex running on the same account and currency pair.


  2. Dron

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    the new price is $30.
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