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    SphereTester is the most complete forex tester and simulator utilising the power of MetaTrader 4. Grapical User Interface, order management, economic calendar, multi time frame backtesting and other enhanced features ensure a like for like trading experience.

    It can simulate trading for any instrument, supports all order types and operations, has an easy to use graphical interface and most importantly it is the first forex tester that features an economic calendar.


    This is a non-comprehensive list of the features SphereTester can provide for a full list of features please see the SphereTester User Guide.

    Economic Calendar

    SphereTester is the first forex simulator that has a built-in economic calendar. It can display news and their actual, forecasted and previous values for any period of time starting from 2006 for any major currency or economic event. This unique solutions ensures that you can factor in the different news events and their impact in your trading strategies easier than ever before and gain a better understanding of how these events affect the movements of any currency pair or instrument.


    Multi Timeframe support

    SphereTester natively supports multi timeframe backtesting. This means that you are not limited to one timeframe only in your testing, you can generate any timeframe that is needed for your strategy. Watch the video below or read more in the User Guide!

    Drag&Drop Pending Orders

    Placing a pending order is not as straightforward as many would think. These orders are usually opened after careful analysis of the current trend, support and resistance levels. SphereTester provides an easy to use drag and drop method for opening such orders, simply move the arrow symbol (green for long, red for short orders) close to the right Y axis of your chart and a line will appear. Simply move the arrow to the price at which your pending order should be opened and release it, the pending order will be opened at the next incoming tick.


    Speed Control and Pause

    Yes, it is finally there! If you have used the Strategy Tester in visual mode before you have surely noticed that using speed 32 is way too fast but 31 is not fast enough. With SphereTester those times are over!

    Simply start your testing on the fastest speed (32), minimise the Strategy Tester (Ctrl+R) and regulate the speed of your backtest directly from the chart. Our unique algorithm ensures that the transition between different speeds is smoother and better than the original speed handling in MetaTrader 4. Need more time to do your analysis? No problem, there is a pause button available on the chart as well, enjoy!


    Floating Displays

    Currently SphereTester has three operational panels: the main panel for opening orders, the order management panel and the economic news panel. These displays float over the chart and can be moved anywhere by holding down the blue button in the top left corner of each display. If you require all space on your chart simply hide the panels by using the buttons (Hide News/Hide Trades) on the main panel or by clicking on the red X button in the top right corner of each display.

    On Screen Order Management

    Once you are in position and have several trades open it can be a hard task to manage them all. SphereTester has an on screen display with all the details and functions you ever require to manage your trades. Close market orders or delete pending transactions modify/delete stoploss and takeprofit levels, partial close, set takeprofit to breakeven, you name it, it’s there.


    See It In Action


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